About us

What is Bhagwabazar?

Bhagwa Bazar is an authenticated Indian E-Commerce Marketplace, committed to offer and deliver various trends of “Atmanirbhar Bharat “ at your door steps with  unblemished trusted and user friendly online shopping experience. Our sublime collection has wide range of categories which includes Essential Products, Clothes, Footwear, Home & Kitchen accessories, Art & Crafts, Beauty and Health, watches, Jewelry, Handbags, Mobile accessories etc. and  everything which you will  need in daily life.

Here, you can expect highly secured shopping platform with independence of time & place, best services including fast &  reliable delivery and  vivid  collection of Indian made USP products.

Our vision

  • Bharat has been the land of beauty, art and science which have been the integral part of people’s lifestyle . as the time has passed on, plenty of foreign brands and products came here which brought a new illusion with diverse type of marketing and branding campaigns and our people just lost into it,  this beautiful land of great artists and scientists were kept known only for the serpents, magicians etc. The real identity of our  country couldn’t be promoted well,  as a result it couldn’t even remain safe and loved like before, in the hearts of the people of our  land. However, nature kept working. The artists, craftsmen and manufacturers on this land never stopped creating quality and beautiful products which worth recognition on national and international level.
  • Therefore Bhawgabazar is a step forward to raise the real identity of India into the hearts of people by bringing Indian traditional culture in the shape of beautiful and trendy products .
  • Bhawgabazar has initiated to provide an online platform to promote Atamnirbhar Bharat like the Indian artists,  Indian manufacturers and local vendors to reach the wide range of audience across the country.