Description of product

Fabric - Manufactured with polyester spandex fabric material (Polyester 95% and Spandex 5%), this spiffy seamless thong is uniquely designed and manufactured. The polyester fabric material is smooth, gentle on the skin and provides comfort along with breathability. Spandex material is used in the blend to render stretch in innerwear. Quality - The premium quality of fabric material and Moblin Tape is used in crafting this unique and spiffy seamless thong for women. There will be no wear and tear issues regarding intimate wear. Moreover, the shape and colour of this innerwear retain last longer. Features and Design - This innerwear is absolutely anti-bacterial, which means you will be safe from rashes, itchiness, sweating etc. The elastic waistband is Rubber-free and that s the reason it s smooth and soft. About the design of this innerwear, it s truly an appealing one even in a simple design. Semi- Seamless gives the underwear a close fit, eliminating bulky seams and edges that cause a visible panty line. A special circular knitting method is used to create this seamless spiffy underwear. Size - The spiffy semi-seamless thong for women is available in every size from small to extra large. Without thinking about size jump, you can now purchase this stunning innerwear for your lingerie collection. La Intimo, the first ever premium intimate wear brand for men that started with an aim to render stylish and distinguishing styles and designs. For men s and women s unique collection of underwear, La Intimo is always one step ahead. The spiffy semi-seamless underwear for women is so smooth and gentle against the skin. This is a product from BASIICS collection by La Intimo, which can be one of the exclusive lingerie products for your intimate wear collection. The fusion of polyester and spandex makes it comfortable, air-permeable, durable and stretchable to wear. Perfectly fits on the waistline, this spiffy semi-seamless innerwear is specially designed by using the circular knit method, which adds uniqueness to it. The semi-seamless innerwear is absolutely befitting choice as it creates a smooth silhouette, making them ideal for wearing tightly fitted pants, skirts, and dresses. Therefore, ditch those regular and mundane styles of innerwear and get your lingerie collection stocked with the super amazing spiffy semi-seamless thong combo pack of 3 for women in some eye- catching colours.

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