Description of product

Product Contents:

  • 2 Nano Spray
  • 5 Digital Print Mask (Sorted Colour/Design)
  • Godrej Hand Sanitizer
  • 2 Mask Ear Protector
  • 2 Covid Key

Nano Spray:

Automatic Rechargeable Sanitizer Sprayer. This Sprayer comes with an in-built rechargeable feature to charge the sprayer and disinfect your valuables. Just pour some sanitizer in the bottle and press button to start spraying. Making it Comfortable to sanitize Money, Keys, Car, Hand, Clothes, Home, kitchen, etc. It is handheld, rechargeable, and compact to make it simple and easy to operate. Fill the sprayer bottle with Alcohol-Based Sanitizer and disinfect your surroundings. Material: Acrylic Size: handhold Model Number: Nano Mist Sprayer Feature: Face Spray.

Digital Print Mask:-

Mask Top Layer is of Digital Poly Print Inner layer of mask is Cotton Elastic length is 10 Inch High density lycra binding Washable (up to 500 time) Assorted

Designs Covid Key:-

Can open public water faucets and also operate ATMs and POS machines. Protect you from touching virus contaminated surfaces The touch points are far enough from the handle that viruses cannot transfer. Can be hung on a key chain or a retractable carabiner for easy and quick access. Should be cleaned using an alcohol-based Sanitiser. Sanitiser friendly product.

Godrej Hand Sanitizer:-

Instant hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs without water Formulated with 60% alcohol, this sanitizer offers smart protection to you and your family Enhanced with glycerin in a skin friendly formulation that is mild and gentle on hands The hand sanitizer will leave your hands feeling smooth and refreshed It is suitable for anytime, anywhere use.

Ear Protector from Mask:-

Ear Protector: Reduce the pain and pressure of wearing a mask in the ear for a long time. Adjustable Mask Extension Hooks: The length of the Face Mask Hooks is 0.59 Inch* 6.69 Inch. The hooks have 4 slots, you can adjust the length of the hooks basic on your requirement.Makes it easier to put on mask for long duration. Must have for Health Workers, Police personnel and essential services people. Material: This ear mask hook is made of soft plastic material that You will feel it is soft and flexibility. Do not worry about hurting your skin.

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