Nutriglow Gold Kesar Facial Kit With Bleach Cream And Anti Pollution Sun Screen Spf 50 (403 GM)

Description of product

Gold Kesar Facial Kit: Facial Kit Helps To Cleanse Your Skin And Restores The Natural Balance Of Skin To Keep It Healthy. Based On Highly Advanced Technology, This Revolutionary Facial Kit Contains Platinum, Diamond, Pearl And Gold Solution Along With Powerful Natural Ingredients Which Provide Super Benefits To You Skin. It Cleanses And Restores The Ideal Moisturize Balance And Revitalizes The Skin Making It Appear Brighter And More Radiant. Follow Below Mentioned Step By Step Using Directions : Step 1 - Nutriglow Gold Kesar Deep Cleanser Cleanses And Soothes The Skin Helps Lighten The Skin, Repair Blemishes And Restores Skin Youthful. Step 2- Nutriglow Gold Kesar Exfoliating Scrub - It Provides Deep Exfoliation Removing Dead Cells, Dirt And Impurities. It Detoxifies The Skin And Improves Blood Circulation. Step 3 - Nutriglow Gold Kesar Cream - It Moisturizer And Nourishes The Skin Also Gives The Skin Even Tone. Step 4 - Nutriglow Gold Kesar Mask Pack- It Give Glow And Nourishes The Skin Also Gives The Skin Shine. Step 5. Nutriglow Gold Kesar Gel:- Apply Gel And Massage For 8-10 Minutes In Circular Movements. Clean It Thoroughly With Normal Water. Pack Contains - 1. Nutriglow Gold Kesar Deep Cleanser - 50Gm 2. Nutriglow Gold Kesar Exfoliating Scrub - 50Gm 3. Nutriglow Gold Kesar Cream - 50Gm 4. Nutriglow Gold Kesar Ferming Mass Pack - 60Gm 5. Nutriglow Gold Kesar Nourishing Gel - 50 Gm.Sun Screen Lotion: Enhance Your Body'S Sun Protection By Using Nutriglow Sun Screen Fairness Lotion Spf 30 Pa+++. Composed Of Calendula Extracts And Uv Filters Along With Vitamin This Whitening Milk Nourishes And Moisturizes Your Skin. Day Cream:Nutriglow Advance Perfect White Skin Radiance Brightening Day Cr me With Natural Kesar Extracts, 2X, Instant Glowing Fairness.Gold Kesar Bleach Cr me: Nutriglow Gold Kesar Facial Bleach Cr me (43 Gms.) Pack Renew And Revitalizes Damaged Skin Cells, Reduces Pore Appearance & Improves Skin Texture Remedy For Instant Tan Removal And Instant Visibly For Glowing Skins. This Nutriglow Bleach Cream Makes Skin Look Fair, Radiant And Healthy In Just About 15 Minutes.

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